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The engineering department of Sim Jet represents a major element in the company and plays a genuine role of technical designer of the building envelopes (Facades, cladding, skylights, structures,…). Its expertise in the mastery of the materials and the optimization of the architectural concepts guarantees the achievement of most daring projects in numerous fields.

The façade is the image of a building and can be an important environmental moderator and thus influencing its commercial success. Sim Jet is committed to optimizing the design, the implementation and renovation to assure energy efficiency, cost minimization ensuring an approach to sustainable development.

We are working closely with architects, products designers, and coating manufacturers to create innovative facades with new materials by identifying considered facade solutions that add value to new projects such as renovated buildings for their repositioning by improving their sustainability and producing energy savings.

Sim Jet offers cutting-edge expertise in materials and optimal performance in facades since heat and light can affect the occupants comfort, productivity, energy consumption and operating costs.